August 27, 2019

Choosing the Right Gauge


The  STAMINA is the thickest string, which also means that it is the most durable string. If the main criteria to choose a string is durability, this is the right option.   STAMINA first. Beyond durability, the  STAMINA  is great for players who are looking for a good “pop” sensation. It is also a soft string that is suitable for players who have had arm injuries in the past.

The Stamina plays similar to Luxilon AdrenalineLuxilon Alu Power, and Wilson Revolve


The  Shredder  is a great option for players looking for spin and hit heavy balls. It also offers great power and control. 

The  Shredder  plays similar  to  Babolat RPM Blast … chances are you won’t even notice the difference! 


The  Spark is a soft string that will give a great balance between spin and power. It gives the player a great “ball bite” sensation and a lot of control.


The Charger is the thinnest string and offers great power and spin. It’s ideal for those players looking for a thin gauge sensation.

The  Charger is similar to  Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 and  Solinco Tour Bite.

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